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November 16, 2017

Big Tiny Little  "Songs Everybody Knows" and "Barroom Golden Favorites"

Billy Vaughn  "Sweet Music & Memories", "Plays Stephen Foster", "Theme From The Sundowners", "Theme From A Summer Place", "Forever", "Berlin Melody" COMPLETED   Still to do: "Golden Popular Song Hits", "Great Country Hits", "20 Original Hits", "True Grit", "Alfie", "As Requested", "Embraceable You", "Greatest String Band Hits", "Big 100", Shifting Whispering Sands", "Chapel By the Sea", "Greatest Boogie Woogie Hits", "Linger Awhile", "Great Golden Hits", "Wheels and Orange Blossom Special", "A Swingin' Safari"

Bo Donaldson "Special SomeoneCOMPLETED

Bob Ralston "Red Roses for a Blue Lady", "His Most Requested Songs" and "Music for Everyone"

Bobby Vinton "100 Memories", "Blue Velvet" and "Polka Album"

Carlini's World of Strings "Million Seller Hits of the 40's", "Million Seller Hits of the 50's", "Million Seller Hits from Broadway", "Golden Instrumentals", "In Love In Paris", "When Lights are Low" and "Million Seller Hits of '69"

Charlie Walker (new artist category) "Break Out the Bottle—Bring On the Music" and "I Don't Mind Goin' Under"

Children  "Tales of Uncle Remus" and "Songs That Tickle Your Funny Bone"

Chris Daniels "Reasons To Survive"

Christmas "Magic of Christmas (1971)" COMPLETED  Still to do: "Enchantment of Christmas", "Sounds of Christmas", "Best-Loved Music of Christmas" and "Christmastime in Carol and Song"

Claude Ciari "Romance Pour DeuxCOMPLETED

Clay Hart "Travelin' Minstrel Man" and "Spring"

Clay & Sally Hart "United We Stand"

Clebanoff  (new artist category) "A Film Concert" COMPLETED

Connie Smith "Ain't We Havin' Us a Good Time" and "Where Is My Castle"

Dave & Sugar "Stay With Me / Golden Tears"

David Carroll  "Serenade To a Princess", "Dreams" and "Feathery Feeling"

Deanna Durbin "Movie Songs"

Del Wood (new artist category) "Roll Out the Piano", "Down Yonder", "Mississippi Showboat" and "Ragtime Goes International"

Derek Cox "Cocktails and Piano Vol 1-2", "Great Piano Hits"

Dick Smothers "Saturday Night At the World"

Dora Bryan "Dora" and "Fivepenny Piece"

Dottie West "Would You Hold It Against Me", "Forever Yours", "Makin' Memories", "Once You Were Mine", "Best of Dottie West", "House of Love", "Feminine Fantasy", "Sings Eddy", "Full Circle", "With All My Heart", "If It's Alright With You/Just What I've Been Looking For", "Carolina Cousins", "Sacred Ballads", "I'm Only a Woman", "high Times", "Wild West" and "Careless Hands"

Duke Ellington "Forever..." and "Ellington Showcase"

Dwight Fiske & Nan Blackstone "Tongue With Cheek" (Bonus Tracks")

Earl Wild "Classical Piano Magic" (6 LP Set) and "Grand Partnerships"

Ed Stewart "Junior Choice"

Eddie & Betty Cole "Nightlife for Daydreamers" and "Two Hot Coles"

Eddie Jackson "Eddie Jackson and his Dixielanders"

Edward Bear "Close Your Eyes"

Eleanor Steber "Love's Old Sweet Songs" and "Sacred Arias"

Elliot Lawrence "Winds On Velvet"

Emilio Pericoli "Il Mondo" COMPLETED

Emily Yancy "Yancy"

Eric Bachmann "Melody for You"

Ethel Smith (new artist category) "Rhythm Antics", "Lady of Spain", "Latin from Manhattan", "Cha-Cha-Cha" and "Bouquet of the Blues"

Finnegan  "Flying Fingers of Fliptop Finnegan" and "Honky Tonk Piano"

Fontane Sisters "Royale", "Featuring the Fontaine Sisters" and "Rock Love"

Francine Carroll "A Bird in a Gilded Cage"

Franck Pourcel "Love is Blue" COMPLETED  Still to do: "For All We Know"

Fritz Schulz-Reichel "Golden Piano Hits" and "Cocktail Time"

George Bassman "Gershwin Years"

George Greeley "That Lovin' Feeling"

George Melachrino "You and the Night and the Music" and "Magic of the Melachrino Strings"

George Raft "Peter & The Wolf"

Gerhard Wendland  "Zartliche Musik", "Uberall bluhen Rosen" and "Erfolge von Einst und Jetzt"

Gert Wilden "Ich Traum von Dir"

Gloria Loring "Today"

Golddiggers "Golddiggers"

Gordon MacRae "Christmas at Boys Town"

Gracie Fields "Our Gracie", "Forever" and "Golden Years of Gracie Fields"

Greta Keller (new artist category) "Greta in the Waldorf", "This Is My Vienna" and "Greta Keller Concert"

Guy & Ralna "You Asked For It", "Love Songs", "How Great Thou Art", "Lord's Prayer", "Guy & Ralna" and "22 Hymn and Gospel Favorites"

Hank Fort "Sings Her Own Great Songs"

Helen Humes "Helen" and "Let the Good Times Roll"

Henry Mancini "Moods & Melodies" (4 LP Box Set)

Hermione Baddeley "A Taste of Hermione Baddeley"

Hermione Gingold & Russell Oberlin "Facade"

Hildegarde "Hildegarde", "What I Did For Love" and "New Songs"

Hillary Kanter "Love Letters At Midnight"

Ian Stewart "Music at Midnight"

Intruders "Cowboys to Girls"

Instrumental  "Stardust Memories" (8 LP Set), "Popular Music That Will Live Forever" (12 LP Set), "Stereo Spectacular" (8 LP Set), "Reflections—Great Instrumentals for Today" (8 LP Box Set), "Classical Gold" (4 LP Set), "Guitar Gold" (4 LP Set)

Jacqueline Mayro "Cindy"

James Last "Non Stop Dancing 1972" and "Love Album"

Jay Norman "Cocktail Hours" amd "Somebody Loves Me"

Jerry Colonna "Let's All Sing"

Jerry Wallace "In the Misty Moonlight"

Jessie Mathews "Charlie Girl" and "The King and I"

Jim Bailey "Jim Bailey" and "Carnegie Hall"

Jim Glaser "Everybody Knows I'm Yours" and "Past the Point of No Return"

Jimmie Rodgers "Yours Truly"

Jimmy Parkinson "Selected Singles"

Joan Roberts "Faith, Hope, Love"

Jo Ann Castle "Jo Ann Castle & Her Ragtime Piano", "I'm Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover", "Ballad of Jed Clampett" and "Hawaiian Ragtime"

John Sharpe "Tom Sawyer"

Johnny Mercer "Mickey and the Beanstalk"

Johnny Rivers "RoadCOMPLETED

Judy Valentine (new artist category) "Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes" and "Wizard of Oz"

June Haver (new artist category) "Oh You Beautiful Doll and I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now", "I'll Get By and Look for the Silver Lining" and "Three Little Girls in Blue"

Junko Mine "A Tribute To the Great Hollywood Stars"

Kathryn Grayson "Kathryn Grayson" and "20 Golden Favourites"

Kay Medford "Gypsy"

Ken Dodd (new artist category) "I Wish You Love", "Hits for Now and Always", "With Love in Mind", "I'll Find a Way", "Tears of Happiness" and "Don't Let Tonight Ever End"

Kenny Nolan "Kenny Nolan"

Kenny O'Dell "Let's Shake Hands And Come Out Lovin'"

Lavender Hill Mob "Street of Dreams"

Lawrence Welk    "Lawrence Welk", "Young World", "In Concert Lawrence Welk and His Musical Family", "On Tour with Lawrence Welk Vol 1-2", "Lawrence Welk Singers", "Champagne on Broadway", "Lawrence Welk Introduces The Girl Friends", "Lawrence Welk Featuring Alice Lon", "Waltz With Lawrence Welk", "Golden Millions", "Champagne Dance Time", "His Favorites From That's Entertainment", "Most Requested TV Favorites", "200 Years of American Music", "Champagne Music", "Champagne Dance Party", "Live At Lake Tahoe", "Songs of Love", "Best of Lawrence Welk Polkas", "Show Time", "Best of Lawrence Welk", Reminiscing Vol 2", "Great American Composers", "Sweet and Lovely", "I'll See You Again", "Champagne On Broadway", "Nadia's Theme" and "Lawrence Welk Says It With Music"

Lena Horne "Lena & Michel"

Lennon Sisters "Best of Lennon Sisters"

Leon Rausch "She's The Trip That I've Been On"

Lillian Randolph "Spiritual Moments"

Mae Questel "Mrs. Portnoy's Retort"

Mamie Van Doren "Listening to Mamie"

Manuel "Magnificent Manuel" (6 LP Set)

Mariners "Christmas 'Round the World" and "Sing Spirituals"

Martha Carson (new artist category) "Satisfied", "Journey to the Sky" and "Rock-a My Soul"

Martha Raye "Martha Raye"

Martyn Green "Gilbert & Sullivan Song Book"

Maurice Chevalier "Surboum Christine"

Max Jaffa "Reflections in Gold"

Mills Brothers "That Country Feeling"

Miss Frances "Ding Dong School"

Moira Anderson "Ivor Novello Song Book"

Monique van Vooren "Mink in Hi-Fi"

Myron Floren   "24 Greatest Polkas", "Polkas", "Dizzy Fingers", , "Polka favorites", "Nashville Sessions", "22 dance Party Favorites" and "12 Great Hits"

Nat King Cole "Sings With The Nat King Cole Trio"
Natalie Nevins "I Believe"

Nedra Ross "Full Circle"

Neville Dickie "A Salute to Fats Waller"

Norman Newell "Falling in Love" and "More Than Memories"

Patsy Abbott "Suck Up" and "Have I Had You Before"

Paul Windsor "Elton John SongbookCOMPLETED

Paul Weston "Music for Romancing", "Music for Dreaming", "Music for Memories", "Music for the Fireside", Music for My Love" and "Music for My Love"

Pearl Williams (new artist category) "A Trip Around the World is Not a Cruise", Bagels & Lox", "At Las Vegas", "All the Way" and "2nd Trip Around the World"

Perri Lee "At the Persian Room" and "A Night At Count Basie's"

Peter Allen "This is For Peter Allen"

Peter Knight "Voices In the Night"

Peter Kreuder "Ich Werde Jede Nacht von Ihnen Traumen" and "Vertraumte Melodien und Zartliche Musik"

Peter Nero "Disco, Dance and Love Themes of the 70'sCOMPLETED

Philip John Lee "Flamenco Guitar"

Ralph Dollimore (new artist category) "Music For a Special Evening", "Piano Dimensions" and "Dolly Mixtures"

Rhonda Fleming "Rhonda"

Richard & Patti Roberts "Christmas With Richard & Patti"

Rick Wilkins "QuiescenceCOMPLETED

Rise Stevens & Brian Sullivan "Your Favorite Christmas Carols Vol 2"

Roberta Peters "Raisins and Almonds" and "Student Prince"

Rocky Cole "Smooth & Rocky"

Ronnie McDowell "Greatest Hits"

Ruth Wallis "At Chequers" and "On Stage"

Ruth Welcome "Hi-Fi Zither"

Semprini "At Your Request (1979)" and "Golden Moments"

Singing Strings "Dream Along"

Soundtrack  "Magic of Lassie", "Snow White and the Three Stooges", "Raggedy Ann & Andy—A Musical Adventure", "Sanford and Son" and "This Could Be the Night"

Strings Unlimited "Martini Time" and "Strings for Lovers"

Sunny Gale "Sunny Sings Dixieland Blues"

Sweet Chariot Singers "Shoutin', Wailin', Hard Drivin' Pop Gospel" and "Introducing The Sweet Chariot"

Tanya Falan "Let It Be Me"

Tennessee Ernie Ford "Aloha", "World of Pop and Country Hits", "I Can't Help It If I'm Still In Love With You" and "Songs I Like To Sing"

Tex Ritter "Tex Ritter's Wild West", "An American Legend", "Stan Kenton! Tex Ritter", "Fall Away" and "Green Green Valley"

Tony Christie "Tony Christie" and "Ladie's Man"

Tony Orlando "Tony Orlando"

Tony Osborne "Nights To Remember", "Passing Strangers", "Latin Touch", "Our Love Story", "Latin Touch", "Piano In the Night" and "Where in the World"

Van Johnson "The Pied Piper of Hamelin"

Vanessa Redgrave "Songs from Red & Blue"

Various  "Nickel Music", "Madam's Piano", Naughty Songs for Nice People", "Cole—A Musical Tribute to Cole Porter", "Shake It and Break It", "Proudly They Came", "Golden Reunion in Ragtime", "A Complete Authentic Minstrel Show" and "Music Maestro Please"

Will Glahé "Focus On Will Glahé"

SNEAK PREVIEW FOR THE FUTURE. For those of you who like to know what is coming here is a list of what we are still working at getting together for future Single Sets:
Alice Faye, Barbara Ruick, Betty Grable, Betty Madigan, Bill Hayes, Carole Richards, Cathy Ryan, Dolly Dawn, Dolly Houston, Dolores Hawkins, Eileen Wilson, Ginny Gibson, Gloria DeHaven, Gloria Mann, Gloria Wood, Hattie McDaniel/Amanda Randolph, Helene Dixon, Jack Haskell, Jane Turzy, Janette Davis, Joyce Hahn, Karen Morrow, Kay Armen, Kay Brown, Lillian Brooks, Lily Ann Carol, Louise Tobin, Lurlean Hunter, Lynn Roberts, Mitzi Mason, Pat Kirby, Pat O'Day, Paulette Sisters, Roberta Shore, Sandy Stewart, Tommy Sands, Toni Arden, Thelma Carpenter and Virginia O'Brien

Disc finish: Most people choose the GLOSSY finish, but if you are planning on playing your CD in a car, then we suggest MATTE finish, as it is slightly thinner. And some Bose players have slots, so these would also work better with MATTE finish.

This page is updated on Thursday evenings at around 6PM MST with the completed projects. Additions and corrections are updated daily.

 If I have missed anything I apologize and will put it in next week’s update.

Teresa Brewer “

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