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Just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. You have made my holiday music sparkle with wonderful new tunes. Finding new songs is like a treasure hunt and with your help I struck gold. The second disc of Christmas Crooners is a delight, as is many of the songs on Christmas Belles. There have been a few clunker CDs but those are far outweighed by the wonderful new songs you helped me to find. I look forward to another 12 months of new finds to add to my collection. Again thank you! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Hello. I just received The Ballad of Calico from you and am listening to it now. It must be magic because all of a sudden I am 12 again listening to it on the hi-fi. And I remember all the words. Maybe that is why I don't remember things now. My discs are full! Thank you for the chance to relive some memories!
--L.J., Canada

Gary....I just received the 2 CDs as ordered and I gotta say....your shipping/fulfillment is on par w/Amazon.  You do great.

Hi Gary. Just to let you know that the CD was delivered yesterday, safe and sound. I have played it and it is Great. Many Thanks and a pleasure to do business.
--A.H., England

Allow me to say that the quality of these CD's is OUTSTANDING. Both from a printing and sound reproduction process. Thank you very much.
--T.M. (disc jockey), USA

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how absolutely thrilled I am with the Jackie DeShannon - You're The Only Dancer CD that I ordered. To be honest, I had modest expectations. To say that I'm completely blown away would be an immense understatement! The sound quality is phenomenally clear, concise and full-bodied in every way. Bravo and thanks so much for your excellent product!
--S.C.-M., Saskatoon, Canada

I would just like to tell you how delighted I am with the remastered Andy Williams cd's. They sound absolutely fabulous.
--P. D., UK

Just received Vic Damone "The Damone Type of Thing. I am so pleased with the quality of the CD. I had an mp3 of the song "Gone With The Wind". When I listened to the CD I heard the piano that was not present in the mp3. Thanks again.
--R. T-M, USA

I was so pleased with the quality and promptness of delivery of Nana Mouskouri's CD that I just received that I bought another one! Thank you for this wonderful service! I loved this album, but could not find the CD anywhere. My album and cassette were very old and not playing well. I am enjoying this beautiful music once again!!!
--C. D., USA

Thank you mymusicboutique.com for high-quality albums unavailable--digitally (in WAV)--until your masterful recordings.
--S.J., Ontario, Canada

Hello, I ordered the CD from you of Claire Hogan. The reason I ordered this was because when I was a child I used to play the 78 record of Claire Hogan singing "Sam's Song" and "M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I". I don't know what attracted me to these songs but I played the 78 over and over again. I am 72 years old now and have not heard that record for over sixty years. I did buy a 78 record of this on ebay. It was the same record I used to play as a kid but I have no player anymore to play a 78 so I could only look at the record and think of those times when I used to play it. Then I searched and searched for a recording of those two songs so I could play and listen to them again and bathe myself in nostalgia for those "Good Old Days". Then I found your site and there was Claire Hogan on a CD singing those two songs. Wow! I sent for the CD and it arrived today in excellent shape in a well packaged box. Immediately I went to my CD player and put it on. My mind drifted off to the distant past and I was ten years old again listening to Claire Hogan. I think I will get intoxicated today on wine and Claire Hogan and I thank you, thank you, thank you for giving me this joy again
--L.G., Ohio, USA

I'm astounded.  It arrived today.  And it looks like a commercial release.  So far, I've only listened to the "Don't Rain On My Parade" song [Jack Jones: Bewitched], but unbelievable quality.  
I've transfered a number of things from vinyl to CD for myself and friends, but this package is incredible.  The graphics alone are amazing.
Congratulation on a fabulous job.
I'll keep my eye out for other things I may need.  And I'll recommend you to others.
--W.P., Connecticut, USA

Today I have recieved the 3 items of Nana Mouskouri I had ordered.
I have to let you know that I am so happy with these cd's, and I'm surprised of the professionality and the beautifullness of the sound and also the lay-out of the booklets!!
What a jewels you have made of these recordings and the original LP-sleaves!!! My very great compliments and thanks for all this!

I hope to find more unreleased cd-recordings of Nana Mouskouri on your site in the future.

For now many thanks again and best wishes from the Netherlands!
--F. A., the Netherlands

I am a keen collector of Easy Listening music, both vocal and instrumental, and Arazol Music have been of invaluable assistance to me in expanding my collection. Although many vintage albums are now being re-released on CD, there are still hundreds of little gems out there have not been released on CD. As the years go by, these gems are being forgotten. Thanks to the efforts of Joan Sprunk, many of these marvellous albums are being given a new lease of life. Thanks for keeping these marvellous albums alive, Joan.
--R. M., Worcestershire, England

What a great surprise. My CD, The Hillbilly Singer, by Skeeter Davis, came the other day and it was all I remembered it to be. I have not heard this CD for twenty years, and the Skeeter sweet sounds were pure country to me. It brought back such great memories...truly one of Skeeter Davis' best albums of her RCA years. The reproduction was fantastic, just like I remembered it, no compromises. a true delight. Thanks for completing a memory. I will be ordering other CDs.
--T.T., Canada

Dear Joan, I received the CDs today, thank you. I think running into you and your company is one of the best things that's happened to me. My music that I love so sounds so great. You can't imagine how many times I've recorded & re-recorded them. Always trying to make a better copy. It's like hearing them for the first time, actually better than the first time. Each one I send has a special meaning to me. I remember a friend, a place, a time. I can't thank you and your husband enough. I wish you both a very romantic Valentine's Day. Thank you.
--E.A., USA

I am not certain how I stumbled upon this website...but I'm sure glad I did! To "test the waters" I ordered one Brenda Lee CD. I received it within a few days and it was incredible!! And so I placed another order for 2 CD's and they have arrived with equal satisfaction! What's special about this site??? First, the quality of the remastered CD's is phenomenal! The reproduction of the original LP jackets is fantastic and the shipping and handling rates are BEYOND reasonable!!! Will I order from ARAZOL again? Yes! Again and again and again! Great work! A truly lucky find for me and for any CD fanatic!
--B.M., USA

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